WordPress Maintenance Plans

Stay safe with our WordPress Maintenance Plans

There are updates in WordPress weekly – in some periods there are daily updates.

WordPress is a target for hackers and keeping your WordPress website up to date and secure is a must.

Keeping your website stable and secure is very important and not something you should ignore.

Let us handle your WordPress maintenance

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans will allow you to focus on your business and give you peace of mind.

We make sure that your WordPress is secure, stable and always updated.

Your website is mission critical to you and if it’s revenue-generating, keeping it running is vital.

We manage and maintain many of our customers’ websites.

Let us take care of the security and maintenance of your WordPress website.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans

Leave all the hassle with security, updates and maintenance of your WordPress website to us.

We offer three monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans.

If you need a more specified plan, you are welcome to contact us so we can discuss it further and give you a free quote.

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* Filling out and submitting the form wyou order a maintenance plan from 9bureau for one specified WordPress installation on one specified domain. The ordered maintenance plan is activated once your payment is received on 9bureau’s bank account.