WordPress 5.9

WordPress 5.9 was released this week from wordpress.org.

True to tradition, the new WordPress version 5.9 has been named after a legendary jazz musician, this time jazzsinger Joséphine Baker.

This release has been awaited and anticipated by the WordPress community with excitement.

Not least because of the new feature; Full Site Editing (FSE).

The latest WordPress versions have taken various approaches to FSE and have included preliminary and preparatory features that have led to WordPress 5.9.

Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing brings WordPress up to or even beyond the potential of the best PageMakers out there.

As a fully developed CMS with user-access to all elements of a website.

Areas like Header and Footer were in previous versions of WordPress not directly accessible for all except WordPress developers and coders.

Now the promised land is open to anyone who can and dares to work with all parts of a WordPress website.

Historic overview of the road to FSE

2012: The Customizer is introduced

Since 2012, WordPress theme developers have been able to offer users to use the new Customzier to influence multiple parts of WordPress.

In 2016, it became possible for WordPress users to write CSS codes themselves using the Customizer.

2018: Gutenberg

In 2018, nothing less of a small revolution occurs in WordPress development.

With the release of WordPress 5.0 and the introduction of the new Block Editor in WordPress, then called Gutenberg, and the corresponding plugin Gutenberg, the WordPress Core team is seriously showing new thinking.

WordPress 5.0 takes on the many Page Builders and takes the first steps towards FSE.

The pandemic affects everything – including WordPress

During 2020 and 2021, the vibrant WordPress community is so affected by the Pandemic that virtually all physical WordPressevents are shut down.

Meanwhile, developers in Core Team and around the world are working from home on three major releases; WordPress version 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6.

All three contain news and features leading up to the FSE.

Versions 5.7 and 5.8 introduced the first site-wide blocks, such as The Query block, Post title and Post content blocks that could be used dynamically throughout a WordPres website.

Version 5.8 included for the first time a brand new Template Editor, which was and is still theme-specific and dependent on theme support.

WordPress 5.9 – full site editing

WordPress 5.9 Joséphine and FSE is taking its first steps.

Please remember that many of the new features in FSE are theme-specific.

This means that the theme in use must ‘declare’ support for FSE in the code.

Block Themes

The new Block Themes that are currently being developed are themes that declare support for FSE.

The new built-in theme Twenty-Twenty-Two, (we have not tested it yet) is the first built-in block theme in WordPress.

With a block theme, you can also take advantage of the new Site Editor, which provides the ability to visually edit site-wide styles and blocks in all parts of the theme, both pages. articles, templates and parts of templates.

2021 – 2022: Site wide blocks

One of the new features in WordPress 5.9 that is ready for use is a series of so-called ‘site-wide’ blocks in the editor.

With the new blocks you can now insert different data and content, which previously required either special coding, a Page Builder or a combination.

If, for example, you wish to insert a link to an archive somewhere on a page you can now select the block called Archive Title and link it.

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