WordPress 5.6 is released

The latest version of WordPres, WordPress 5.6 is released.

It was released from wordpress.org today.

This latest version is named WordPress 5.6 ‘Simone‘ after the american singer Nina Simone.

Version 5.6 ‘Simone’ includes new features for the block editor, further accessibility improvements and application password support for the REST AP.

There are enhanced block patterns, character/word counts in the info panel, improved keyboard navigation, improved drag & drop UI and more.

New default theme

According to wordpress.org’s Design Lead Mel Choyce-Dwan the new defafult theme Twenty Twenty-Oneis designed to be a blank canvas for the block editor“. 

The new Twenty Twenty-one theme uses a native system font stack ensuring several new advantages:

  • No extra load time. Let’s keep this theme simple and fast.
  • This particular stack is pretty typographically “neutral” — none of the fonts are super opinionated, so the theme can be used broadly across different types of sites.
  • Using just the one font stack, without loading additional font files, also makes it easier for folks to customize or create a child theme for Twenty Twenty-One.

The theme has a limited color palette: a pastel green background color, and two shades of dark grey for text.

New block: Overlapping images

A long-awaited and exciting new block is the Overlapping images-block.

WordPress 5.6 is released - 9bureau
Horisontal image: © Roland Godefroy. CC BY-SA 3.0 | Vertical image: © Amazing Nina Documentary Film, LLC, Press Kit. CC BY-SA 4.0

The newly added block patterns, (blocks consisting of pre-designed layouts), now includes a pattern for overlapping images.

This feature has been on many WordPress users’ wishlist for a long time – good it’s finally here!

Another interesting new feature is the possibilty to convert blocks into columns blocks.

And a character count display is offered to WordPress users – it’s also been on our wishlist for a looong time.

PHP 8 support

PHP 8 was released in november 2020 – well ahead of the WordPress 5.6 release.

WordPress 5.6 includes support for PHP8.

Please Note:
Before upgrading your server to run WordPress on PHP 8 make sure that your entire installation, (including themes and plugins) is compatible with PHP 8.