WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate

A Release Candidate for WordPress 5.3 has been made available for download and testing from wordpress.org.

On October 8, 2019, wordpress.org released the WordPress 5.3 Beta version.

5.3 Beta is a test version that probably lacks a lot in comparison to the RC that has been released today.

This Release Candidate is the first for WordPress 5.3, according to wordpress.org.

With millions of WordPres users and the thousands of themes and plugins found in the WordPress repository, there may be things to fix before the final WordPress version 5.3 is ready for release.

The release date of WordPress 5.3 is set for November 12, 2019.

Until then, you can test-install WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate and take a closer look at the much anticipated default theme Twenty Twenty in the new version of WordPress.

Improvements to Block Editor in WordPress 5.3

WordPress, it seems, is in the process of changing the name of their new editor from Gutenberg to simply calling it ‘Block Editor’.

In the release article about the release of WordPress 5.3 RC refers to the editor as Block Editor.

Block Editor – formerly known as Gutenberg – gets several new blocks.

We will find out more about the new blocks when we test the WordPress 5.3 Release Candidate.

The editor has had it’s interface upgraded with several intuitive options for better interaction and improved accessibility.

There are now more layout and styling options in the editor, giving web designers an even greater control over the appearance of their site.

twenty twenty single mobile 750

New default theme: Twenty Twenty

The new default theme Twenty Twenty in WordPress 5.3 has been much anticipated.

The theme is based on Anders Norén’s Chaplin theme, which is a 100% Block Editor (Gutenberg) compatible theme.

Twenty Twenty provides even more design flexibility and even better integration with Block Editor.


Prepared for PHP 7.4

WordPress 5.3 is prepared to use PHP 7.4 when that version of PHP is released later in 2019.