WordPress 5.2 Jaco

Today wordpress.org releases the new WordPress 5.2 Jaco

This version is named ‘Jaco’ after the jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius.

Under the headline ‘keeping sites safer‘ and a blog post illustration of a woman doing car maintenance, WordPress 5.2 Jaco focuses on site safety and site health.

The new features in this version make it easy to fix a WordPress website if something goes wrong.

There are some robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors.

Whether you are a developer helping clients or you manage a WordPress website, these tools can help get you the right information when you need it.

WordPress 5.2 Jaco - site health - 9bureau
Ill.: wordpress.org

Site Health Check

Building on the Site Health features introduced in 5.1, this release adds two new pages to help debug common configuration issues.

It also adds space where developers can include debugging information for site maintainers.

WordPress 5.2 Jaco - PHP check - 9bureau
Ill.: wordpress.org

PHP Error Protection

This administrator-focused update lets site managers safely fix or manage fatal errors without requiring developer time.

It features better handling of the so-called “white screen of death,” and a way to enter recovery mode, which pauses error-causing plugins or themes.


Improvements in WordPress 5.2

Accessibility Updates

A number of changes work together to improve contextual awareness and keyboard navigation flow for those using screen readers and other assistive technologies.

New Dashboard Icons

Thirteen new icons is added to WordPress.

They include Instagram, a suite of icons for BuddyPress, and rotating Earth icons for global inclusion.

Plugin Compatibility Checker

WordPress will now automatically determine if your site’s version of PHP is compatible with installed plugins.

If a plugin requires a higher version of PHP than your site currently uses, WordPress will not allow you to activate it

This helps preventing potential compatibility errors.