WordPress 4 Benny

Today WordPress.org released WordPress 4 Benny and so the way to make better WordPress web sites and web design has once again been made easier.

On WordPress.org’s blog, Matt Mullenweg writes that no extra fuzz should be brought to the table concerning the numbering of their releases of WordPress CMS – and yet; at the same time Mullenweg grants that this release is indeed something worth specific mentioning:

Version 4.0 of WordPress, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. While 4.0 is just another number for us after 3.9 and before 4.1, we feel we’ve put a little extra polish into it. This release brings you a smoother writing and management experience we think you’ll enjoy.

Installation Language

Even if we have always used WordPress in English,  the enhanced and much easier internationalization feature in WordPress 4.0 is a really important.

29% of all WordPress.com installations use a language other than English language which is more than a quarter of all WordPress.com installations.

Version 4.0 makes it much easier to get WordPress in your language. In fact, the first installation screen asks you to choose your language:

WordPress 4.0 Better WordPress web design. A-support WordPress webdesign

If you have installed WordPress using another language, you can change the this by navigating to Settings > General. At the bottom of this page, you should be able to see the new ‘Site Language’ option.

Media Section Grid

The media section now has a grid view by default, introducing a sleeker UI which maybe is a introduction to what is coming in the future.

This feature started off as a stand-alone project and provides a new and improved view that makes managing media files much easier and faster than ever before.

When you click on a media item it will take you directly to a pop up modal window (rather than a completely separate page). In the new modal window, you’re able to see a larger preview, easily edit image data, and even navigate directly between media files.

WordPress 4.0 Media grid. Better WordPress web design. A-support WordPress webdesign

While this is a minor change, it does give you a way better overview of your media files than the default view of 20 images in a list.

Plugin installation

In my opinion, the plugin “Add New” page got a much needed makeover. The top navigation looks a lot like the new navigation in the media section — another indication of a slightly more modern interface creeping into the system. Plugins in the list view are displayed in a much more visual fashion, and it looks like it’s time for developers to start making thumbnails! While the plugin details screen could use a makeover as well, I’m sure this is a work in progress and will be explored further.

WordPress 4.0 Better WordPress web design. A-support WordPress webdesign
Better Post Editing

A great new feature enhancement in the WordPress editscreen  is how the editor height has been changed to use the screen’s area better.

Mark Jaquith has in a earlier remark nailed the problem:

“The post editor feels like it has been relegated to a box of medium importance on the edit/compose screen.”



WordPress 4 is not the same “giant leap for mankind” as WordPress 3.0 was. Instead of regarding this as a problem, we believe that version 4.0 finalizes what was started with version 3.0.

Instead of constantly adding more and more features, the WordPress dev team is consolidating existing features and making WordPress a better and more professional tool for not only content management, but also for WordPress web design and developemnt, thus bringing about a continously enhanced user experience.

The (new) features described above are just a selection of features by which WordPress through the release of version 4.0 (again) has been enhanced.

We here at 9bureau.dk are excited about WordPress, (we’re WordPress fanatics), and we’re especially excited about the fact that with version 4.0 WordPress  continues to move towards an easy-to-use and highly professional fully fledged Content Management System.