WordPress 4.2 Powell is available

WordPress 4.2 Powell named after jazz pianist Bud Powell was released today.

Focusing on sharing content and new support for non-Latin charactersets WordPress is expanding it’s prescence to a global level.

WordPress 4.2 Powell – the first major WordPress release of 2015 – fixes issues and adds new features to WordPress.

Improved Press This tool

WordPress 4.2 Powell - 9bureau delivers WordPress websitesEnhanced sharing possibilities with Press This in WordPress 4.2

Press This is a simple bookmarklet that you can drag and drop to your browser’s bookmarks bar or add to your mobile homescreen. This way you can easily share content from the web with a click or tap.

The bookmarklet  automatically finds images, excerpts, and titles for the content you want to share and it makes sharing content found anywhere on the Net a lot faster and easier.

New character sets

 WordPress 4.2 Chinese, Japanese, Korean character sets. 9bureau deliver WordPress websitesAsia is a growing market – also for WordPress

In Indonesia alone there are more than 1.7 million live installations with more than 200 million monthly pageviews.

These numbers are only surpassed by two other languages, English and Spanish.
Source: https://wordpress.com/activity/

We don’t know if WordPress is still being blocked in China, but WordPress 4.2 comes with native support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters.

Emoji in WordPress 4.2

 WordPress 4.2 Emoji icons. 9bureau deliver WordPress websitesWordPress didn’t support emoji natively. WordPress 4.2 resolved this by adding the native support for emoji. You can now use emojis anywhere on your WordPress site.

The support for Emoji was made possible by adding support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters.

WordPress 4.2 will automatically switch your utf-8 database to utf8mb4 allowing for musical and mathematical symbols and hieroglyphs.

Faster Plugin Updates

WordPress 4.2 now comes with a faster one-click plugin updates. Plugin installation has been streamlined in WordPress 4.2 so users are able to install plugins directly from the ‘Add New Plugin’ or search results.

WordPress 4.2 Powell introduction video


WordPress 4.2 Powell, and security update 4.2.1, which closed a critical security flaw, makes it clear that the team behind WordPress has realized that WordPress “is here to stay” and that it is a CMS with a global reach.

Therefore it is natural that Powell 4.2 focuses on sharing content and expansions of character support.

WordPress dev team is still in the process of consolidating existing features in WordPress developing WordPress into an even better and professional tool – not just for content management, but also WordPress web design and web development – now with special focus on continuously improved user experience in the form of sharing options.

Let’s hope that the renewed focus on sharing in WordPress will make sure that Press It gets the attention that this brilliant bookmarklet deserve.