WordCamp Asia 2020 has been canceled

The CoVid-19 epidemic in China, now a global health crisis, is impacting activities all around the globe – now including arrangements in the global WordPress community.

As a direct consequence of the CoVid-19 epidemic WordCamp Asia 2020 has been canceled.

WordCamp Asia 2020 should have taken place on February 21 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Due to the CoVid-19 health crisis, WHO’s term for the Corona virus epidemic, the organizers behind WordCamp have been forced to cancel WordCamp Asia 2020.

There were more than 1,300 sign-ups for WordCamp Asia 2020, which is the official term for the event.

WordCamp Asia 2020 has been canceled. 9bureau.dk
WordCamp Asia 2020 has been canceled. Ill .: WordCamp Asia 2020

Matt Mullenweg writes in an update on wordpress.org that WordCamp Asia 2020 has been canceled:

I’ve arrived at the difficult decision to cancel the inaugural WordCamp Asia event, which was planned to take place in Bangkok on February 21st.

The excitement and anticipation around this event have been huge, but there are too many unknowns around the health issues unfolding right now in the region to explicitly encourage a large public gathering bringing together over 1,300 people from around the world.


Matt Mullenweg continues his update about the cancellation of WordCamp 2020 in Asia:

We’re going to explore if speakers — including myself — can do our sessions with the same content and at the same time that was originally planned, just online instead of in-person so we can achieve our goal of bringing the pan-Asian community closer together without putting anyone’s health at additional risk.



WordCamp is an annually recurring event for anyone working with WordPress.

It is a WordPress conference organized by the widespread community of WordPress users around the world.

WordCamp is for both the brand new WordPress users and for professional WordPress developers and consultants.

An official agenda for the WordCamp with relevant topics within ‘everything WordPress‘ and social arrangements (hangouts) as well as time to ‘network’ with other WordPress users is part of every WordCamp.

The first WordCamp was organized by Matt Mullenweg in 2006 in San Francisco, USA, and since then, local WordPress communities around the world have organized hundreds of WordCamps.

The topics on a WordCamp vary a lot, but everything is about WordPress.

Right now, (1/2 2020) is approx. 35% of all web sites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress market share increased in the period 2018 to 2020 from 29.9% to 35.8%.

It provides a market share for all websites operated by a content management system (CMS) of 62.5% .1

Source: w3techs.com