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Who uses WordPress?

It’s time for a some name-dropping and showcasing of some the many WordPress websites that exist and are used by some of the biggest names and brands in the World.

WordPress has become the preferred CMS worldwide, when developing and designing a new website or a new web design.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress’ success as the most preferred open-source CMS is un-questionable – whether you look at the number of live sites globally, or on the number of monthly new installations of newly developed websites and new web design in WordPress.

The list of who uses WordPress is long in all sectors and industries.

VOGUE, The New York Times, TIME, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, General Motors, UPS, eBay and SONY all operate one or more WordPress websites or WordPress blogs.

BBC America, Coca-Cola France, Facebook Newsroom, Filipa K, Google Ventures, LinkedIn Blog, Nokia,  Sony Music, Sweden, TechCrunch and Usain Bolt all run on WordPress.

a-ha, Arcade Fire, BEYONCÉ, Blondie, Justin Bieber, Kate Perry, LL Cool JRolling Stones, Snoop Dogg, The Who and Tom Jones are some of the many names in music WHO ahve chosen WordPress.

A selection of WordPress websites with renowned owners

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