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WordPress 4.2 Powell is available

WordPress 4.2 Powell - named after jazz pianist Bud Powell was released today. Focusing on sharing content and new support for non-Latin charactersets WordPress is expanding it's prescence to a global level.

WordPress 4.1 Dinah

WordPress 4.1 Dinah has been released After nearly four months of development WordPress 4.1 Dinah is now available for download. The WordPress 4.1 Dinah edition has been named in honor of jazz singer Dinah Washington. The release has been Led…

WordPress 4 Benny

Today WordPress.org released WordPress 4.0 Benny and so the way to make better WordPress web sites and web design has once again been made easier.

Who uses WordPress?

Who uses WordPress? 9bureau
It's time for a some name-dropping and showcasing of some the many WordPress websites that exist and are used by some of the biggest names and brands in the world.

WordPress 3.9 Smith is here

WordPress 3.9 Smith is here
WordPress.org keep up the high frequency of releasing new versions of the WordPress CMS and a few days ago released the first final version of the new WordPress 3.9 Smith.