Release date for Gutenberg postponed

Only weeks from the release of the new Gutenberg editor WordPress is postponed by two weeks according to the latest informations from

Several influencers in the WordPress community have been outspoken about Gutenberg not yet being ready for release.

It seems that the people behind the project have listened to the critics.

Joost de Valk – founder of Yoast and has questioned whether Gutenberg is ready or not.

In the article (all written in the Gutenberg editor) WordPress 5.0 needs a different timeline on his personal blog Joost de Valk gives two main reasons for moving the release date.

  1. There are “severe accessibility concerns” with the new Gutenberg editor according to de Valk.
  2. More importantly; Joost de Valk does not believe the stability of Gutenberg is where it should be.

WordPress’ own Accessibility Team reported on October 29 2018 that Gutenberg is a lot more complex to use than the classic editor and that it has severe Accessibility issues.

The Accessibility Team concludes that at it’s present state Gutenberg will an Accessibility Regression:

Because the complexity of interaction with Gutenberg is an order of magnitude greater than in the classic editor, we believe that Gutenberg is less accessible than the existing classic editor.

On november 9 the WordPress core development team issued an update to the release plan for WordPress 5.0:

After listening to a lot of feedback — as well as looking at current issues, ongoing pull requests, and general progress — we’re going to take an extra week to make sure everything is fully dialed in and the release date is now targeted for Tuesday, November 27th.

We are excited to learn that the project is still within scope layed out in the Proposed WordPress 5.0 Scope and Schedule for WordPress 5.0.

Let’s hope all the best for the project and that both the stability and the accessibility of the new Gutenberg version of WordPress will work out to be just fine.