Is your website mobile friendly?

The question is (even more) relevant and vital for all owners of a website.

Google has announced that the ‘mobile friendliness‘ of websites – the degree of how well a website is viewable on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, soon will have a major influence on Google’s search results.

Google changes its search algorithms from 21 April so mobile friendly websites are prioritized much higher in Google search result lists.

Good news for mobile users

The company says that the change will have a “significant impact” on all mobile searches in all languages in the world, so users will experience higher quality of searches conducted on handheld devices.

Along with this change, Google will also start using more information from indexed apps in search results for users who are logged in and have the app installed.

The decision makes sense, because in the course of 2015 (Google) searches coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are expected to surpass searches on desktop computers.

A wake-up call

For companies that still do not have a mobile friendly website the news may be regarded as a bit of a wake-up call in order to actually convert their website to a responsive webdesign.

Google began highlighting mobile-friendly sites in search results already last year, and now Google will begin to prioritize the websites and websites that actually lives up to some design standards for proper viewing and display on the handheld media.

It also means that the websites that do not live up to standards for “mobile friendliness” is demoted further down search result lists.

Therefore, the question Is your website mobile friendly? is more important than ever before. Does the company have (still) not a responsive web design in the form of eg. a responsive WordPress website, now is the time to take action and decide to do something about it. have experience and expertise in developing and designing responsive web design. We have delivered several solutions with responsive web design – both regular responsive HTML websites and responsive WordPress websites with responsive web design.

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