5 things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme

When launching a blog or website with WordPress it’s important that the overall user experience is as effective as possible.

A large part of creating an effective digital experience is choosing the right WordPress theme.

Many new site owners can get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of themes in the repository. Especially when each of them looks better than other.

When choosing the most appropriate theme, consider these five simple things:

Aim At Simplicity
Many WordPress themes are crammed with lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animation, widgets, and more, which can distract from your content.

Look for a theme that presents a clear layout with major emphasis on its usability and simplicity. It shouldn’t be an overly complicated layout, though should meet all your business demands.

Give Priority To Responsiveness
With the increase of traffic coming from mobile devices, you have to consider how responsive a theme is. Most of the up-to-date WordPress themes are responsive by default. However, you can’t blindly assume the functionality will be good enough. Test the mobile readiness of a new theme before making your website publicly available.

Direct Attention To Browser Compatibility
It’s not a secret that people choose different browsers to surf the internet. Reliable WordPress developers test their themes by using sophisticated browser compatibility tools. However, that is not going to work with all the free themes. In any case, don’t forget to test a new theme on different browsers to make sure it looks like it should.

Consider Plugins You’re Using
One of the great things about WordPress is that you can use plugins to completely customize your website. There are thousands of free plugins that allow you to do almost anything. However, some of those plugins could interfere with parts of your theme or vice versa. Make sure you test your theme with everything you’re using before implementing it.

Make Sure You Get Good Support
There’s nothing worse than running into bad service, especially if you’re a new website owner. Read through the comments on the theme to see if people are talking about reliable support. You want to make sure you’ll receive a quick response and have your issue resolved.

These five things are the basic demands a new theme should meet. Don’t forget to remember a new theme should support page builders plugins, contain the desired translation files, be SEO-friendly, and have great ratings and reviews. Treat it like buying a new ‘home’ for your thoughts.

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